2 – Being a Teacher? There’s an App for That!


If you expect a child to draw something, you have more chances to get you are piece of art giving him those big Crayola markers than a quill pen. It is the same when you expect students to use an IPad in class for a learning experience; you have to use the right tool.


ApiKa for That


ApiKa (official page) is designed and taught for teaching. It is a multimedia laboratory for iPad. A free IPad App that allows teachers to keep control, work and interact, in an impressive and brilliant number of ways, with all IPads of the class from one Mac computer with the ApiKa Manager software.


IPads in Class, a Place for That?


From BBC to National Geographic, possible benefits of IPads in the classroom are topical. What is unsure is how to optimize that use. ApiKa promises. People from Kallysta, a French developmental society in technologies for education (KSync, KallyLang), wanted to make it easier for those classrooms. The purpose of ApiKa is to take the experience with IPads to another level.


ApiKa Can Do That!


The ApiKa Manager can be downloaded from the Kallysta Website and installed on your Mac for free. It creates an environment regrouping all IPads with ApiKa and enables you to manage them, organize Files and use teacher functions (see video):




–          Stopwatch and count-down


–          Binocular: (See what’s on their screen)


–          Controlled Internet Access


Interactive activities:


–          Textual Exercises: questions and answers, cloze tests, etc.


–          Audio/Video Exercises: Video segment analysis.


–          Quizzes


Direct Interaction:


–          Controlled instant messaging between IPads and with the teacher


–          Sharing information, images, links, work instantly.


What I Can Do With That

With those functions iPads can be used to motivate students with special activities such as team working contests where each team as an IPad and race to find the answer, team projects to create  mind maps to link together as a class, etc. If the Mac is connected to an interactive whiteboard, pupils’ work can be shared with the rest of the class on it. If you want to improve yourself with the use of it and get new ideas, there is even the possibility to take training class for Anaïtis.


This app is able to bring learners to higher thinking with it’s main strenght; instant collaboration. Collaborative work allows students to manipulate small pieces of information and to create small links (individually or in small team) to afterward share together and ”connect the dots”. This type of manipulation gets students to learn actively. ApiKa allows to set up the classroom easily without much time and complicated physical organization and allows to do the sharing instantly with an easy and educationally concepted interface. The IPads (by themselves) also consist of endless resource of information and elements to visualize concepts and help students understanding.


Little ApiKa is a new promising concept that is certainly worth a look

Monsieur Blanchet




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