3 – Moby-Maximize Computer Lab Experience

If you are a teacher, you know what the computer lab can represent, a mess. Imagine asking them, in front of their computer, to go complete some worksheets or exercises over the web, you probably lost the half of them already fooling on the World Wide Web caring of a pony or being a skateboarder, right? However, remember, your computer is a tool!

Think about it, if you can get your computer into a library, a mailbox, or a studio, there probably a way to use it for teaching. MobyMax is what you could call a learning converter. It is a web application that can help you and your students use the computer as a learning ‘’ecosystem’’.


MobyMax is designed for Maths and English in primary and middle school, but first, it is designed to get students interested.

The Teacher environment:

You add your students and create their Usernames and Passwords, after that you can use teacher’s apps
– Messaging
– Teacher’s Posts Wall
– Students Managing and Statistics
– Control MobyMax options for Students.
– Contest Creator

The Students environment:

Students have the possibility to do some Exercises in Math, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, etc. What is great is that their results are compiled to show you their weaknesses, and propose them, if you want so, the right exercises after.


They can access to a simple presentation of their progress and results. You can create contests where they are in active competition. It includes Flash games for which they need to complete exercises in order to unlock playing time. It also give them badges for reaching some level. They can access it from home also! The MobyMax Company offers prizes that they send to classrooms with the highest number of exercises! This create a team spirit between students and with the teacher of the classroom.


MobyMax becomes relevant to the learning process as it is an instant tool of feedback. With the graphic tool, students, even of young age understand that they have difficulties to work to, if they want to perform or earn gaming time. It is also good for younger to be able to visualize their level and progression. It allows them to perceive themselves as improving learner, something such as grades would not do by their own. The website compiles grades for them and makes them clear. They could compare themselves with paper report cards but it does not have the same impact. MobyMax also visualize what they already know and master, giving them confidence and giving them a learner portait. 


The access to the complete web app is in Free-Trial for the first 30 days, but if you want to keep all features after that time you will have to pay 59.99$. Anyway, the free trial is worth it. It has proven results and there Is a lot of good comments about it. Even if you are not planning to use it for your class, to check how it works is really interesting and FREE !

Monsieur Blanchet


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