7 – SchoolTube – and if there was a Youtube for School?


SchoolTube is a moderated video sharing platform, specifically designed for K-12 students and teachers; a moderated and “educational-reserved YouTube’’. Teachers and students can share videos. Students need their local teachers’ approval before completing their upload. In addition, videos are first approved by the website’s moderators before being available to public, or removed later. (Organizational accounts and websites monitors can be monitoring).



SchoolTube (ST) is a free service. Teachers can create a free account paired with their institution. (Or create the institution info-card school, like I did for my university) Teachers add students by sending them an email using the ST website. Students receive a link that allows them to create an automatically linked account with their teacher’s. To share a video, you simply upload your video file. You choose a title, description, tags (keywords people who would be interested in your video myth enter), category, and set privacy setting and you are good.


Note: To link student accounts to yours you need to prove your age, it may be complicated outside US, but it is possible contact them, in this concern, to find a solution. (parents account also available but I did not try this feature)



SchoolTube allows to find demonstrations and lessons from other teachers and content from everywhere in the world. It is full of different educational resources and tags allow to search meaningful and related content to what you search.

ST also features private content possibility. You can set limited privacy settings to your school, class or people who you send video’s url to. You can even set a password-locked access for your clip.

ST is usually allowed by schools’ servers.

ST videos are accessible without registration and can be shared to other social media or seen by parents.



One thing you do not want as a teacher is to use SchoolTube to show another teacher doing classical teaching on the Interactive White Board to your whole class.

What you want is to extend your students’ learning experience, and that is what SchoolTube is for. Used properly, ST is THE kind of apps that justify the application of technology to education. If you compare ST as a database to traditional teaching resources (library, encyclopedia, etc.) ST is BETTER on many aspects. It is free. Anyone can register and access all the content instantly and everywhere. The database is huge.  There are over 500, 000 videos from students and educators and, as it is an interactive web community, new content is constantly added (+1000 video uploads per day). Research process on ST is easier.  With categorization and tagging you easily find if the information you need if it is available. The content will always be educational.

SchoolTube can improve learning. In a task where students need, at some point, to search for information and to learn by their own, ST becomes the vehicle of active research; students will search to find the right and relevant information they need. This way they use criticism and judgment, but also acquire and learn information in the process. The learning becomes active. It gives a feeling of autonomy, they learn in a ‘’autodidact’’ way, without an actual teacher with them. And the video media is relevant and meaningful to them; they “believe” in this technology.


As a Web 2.0 tool, ST offers you the possibility to get your students to feel engaged in their own and others’ learning. For example, in an assignment where they would have to create a teaching video. To share their knowledge in a video may require a higher level thinking. They need first to master what they want to teach to work the information with synthesis and make it meaningful and simple for others (demonstrating that they understood it well at the same time). The other important element of the 2.0 is that it is social. The pressure or motivating factor. Knowing that other students of their age may watch the product gives the task importance and may get them to work harder improving their implication in the learning process.

As a teacher, you may use ST to extend class material and prepare condensed and summarized information. You have the possibility to review elements you did not have time to see in class or incorporate resources and concrete elements (e.g. demonstrations, abstract concepts visualized, etc.) unavailable in classroom.

As ALL teaching apps, it’s a tool that, You may also think of the flipped classroom learning. You can use SchoolTube to center the learning on student. You may organize your classroom in different stations where students learn material with personal computers or IPads. With different SchoolTube videos in each ‘’learning stations’’ and teamwork recap you have them to work on new information. This allows teacher to spend less time being centered and demonstrating and more time as a presence in class and a help for students’ focus on learning. Many teachers find this pedagogy efficient. If interested on how to flip your own classroom, you might take a look at this document. Do not fear it, it is new but it is good.


Good luck, good work
Monsieur Blanchet.


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